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Client Reporting Automation

Keep your Marketing Agency ahead of the curve…
Get hassle-free Client Reporting for all platforms. Keep clients happy with automated + real-time campaign reporting

Growwstacks presents 
Client Reporting Automation for Marketing Agencies


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Key Features

Reports in Separate Google Sheets for every client - Automated!

Monthly Reports for all campaigns - Automated!

Daily Reports for all campaigns and ads - Automated!

Lead sheet for all Leads generated with real-time updates - Automated!

Reporting for Specific 'From' and 'To' Dates - Automated!

Sending the above-prepared reports to clients - Automated!

Creating Graphs and Pie-charts for better understanding - Automated!

Demo Video

Imagine never receiving a call from the client asking about their campaign status and reports!

Get a productivity boost for your Marketing Agency, and add these Features as your offerings for the next client you convert

Your Agency’s current Reporting Flow

  • The client asks for Monthly Reports on their paid campaigns and ads

  • A person is assigned to look at the data and prepare the report manually

  • Opening multiple tabs for multiple campaigns

  • Creating Charts for better Data Visualization

  • Sending the prepared reports to the senior manager for review

  • Some discrepancy detected → Sent back for correction → then Review

  • Then only the client can check their Campaign data

  1. This same process is followed for Leads Data too

  2. Daily reports as a feature are not offered by most Marketing Agencies as it is a time taking process to prepare proper reports for each client each day

Your Agency’s workflow after automation

  • You run the automation with a single click

  • The client gets Daily Reports, Monthly Reports, Lead Sheet with realtime updates

  • You can charge more with the feature of Daily Reporting.

  • Workflow is now Automated and Streamlined!!

Give your Marketing Agency a break from preparing reports of platform analytics.
Let our automation do it for you!!

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