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How to Migrate Videos from Google Drive to | Python Script | S3 Bucket | GrowwStacks Automation

A step-by-step guide on migrating files from Google Drive to

It is crucial to switch gears in order to go faster on a highway. Similarly while running a business, the CEO has to take some decisions that might be bold and could change the entire workflow of a company.

Sometime back, one of our clients came up with an interesting case. He ran a Video Production company serving Fortune 500 companies. They used to store all their video footage data on Google Drive. This included Travel Footage, A & B-Rolls, Interior shoots, Filler Shots, etc.

Now for a smoother functioning production pipeline, they needed to use as their primary datastore. gave them more flexibility and better API integrations all across their post production workflows.

They assumed that migrating all data from Google Drive to would be a walk in the park. Just get the APIs connected and Wollah, bob's your uncle! But as you might have guessed, things did not go as planned.

See, to migrate things to, you need to have a Bucket URL of anything you want to upload to it.

What are Bucket URLs

In the realm of cloud computing and data storage, a bucket URL refers to a unique address that points to a specific location within a cloud storage service. This address is used to access, retrieve, or share files stored in a particular bucket within a cloud storage system.

Bucket URLs are essential for organizing and managing data efficiently in the cloud. They provide a structured way to store and retrieve files, making it easier for users to access their data whenever needed.

Moreover, bucket URLs are often used in conjunction with APIs and other tools to automate data management processes. Developers can use bucket URLs to programmatically access and manipulate files stored in cloud storage.

Some examples of Bucket URLs

And so, we came up with the following solution:


Automate the file transfer process from Google Drive to to facilitate easy and efficient database migration without manual intervention.

Platforms Used:

- Google Drive

- Amazon AWS Lambda Function

- Amazon S3 Bucket

Steps Involved:

📂 Create Custom Python Script:

- At Growwstacks Automation Solutions, we developed a custom Python script that interfaces with both Google Drive and Amazon S3. This script is designed to extract content from any specified URL and download it to the designated S3 bucket.

☁️ Host the Python Script on AWS Lambda Function:

- We deployed the Python script on an AWS Lambda function. This ensures that the script runs in a scalable, serverless environment, reducing the need for manual server management.

🔄 Script Execution:

- Our script continuously monitors for content to be transferred. It extracts the content from any given Google Drive URL and downloads it directly to the AWS S3 bucket.

📝 Generate S3 Bucket URL:

- Once the content is downloaded to the S3 bucket, the script generates a unique URL for the file stored in the bucket.

🚀 Transfer to

- The generated S3 bucket URL is sent to then automatically downloads the content from the provided URL to its servers, completing the file transfer process.



✅ Elimination of Manual Work:

- This automated solution removes the need for manual file migration, saving significant time and reducing human error.

📈 Enhanced Efficiency on

- The process becomes faster and more reliable, ensuring quick and smooth migration of files from Google Drive to

🔧 Scalable and Reliable:

- Utilizing AWS Lambda ensures that the solution is scalable to handle large volumes of data without requiring manual intervention or server management.


Impact on Clients:

🚀 Faster Platform Migration:

- Our clients experience significantly reduced migration times, enabling quicker adaptation to ’s platform.

💼 Streamlined Operations:

- Automation of the file transfer process streamlines operations, allowing our clients to focus on other critical aspects of their business without worrying about data migration.

🔒 Improved Data Handling:

- The use of AWS S3 and Lambda ensures secure and efficient handling of data, providing our clients with peace of mind regarding their data integrity and security. is also great with handling data.


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At Growwstacks Automation Solutions, we specialize in creating custom automation workflows tailored to your business needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability. Let’s work together to streamline your operations and enhance your productivity.

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